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Author: ALIS
Published on: 19-11-13

The recently held Public Legal Education Association of Canada (PLEAC) Conference in Vancouver, BC on October 10, 2013 had a number of presentations centred on specific themes; one of which dealt with legal literacy as a shared responsibility. The presentations from the panelists were informative and addressed the theme from different perspectives.

The importance of computer literacy to enable clients to access and understand legal information was emphasized. Knowledge of how people process information and navigate what is available (both on and offline) aids in the development of strategies to facilitate improved access. Having your audience as your focus, adhering to usability and accessibility guidelines, ensuring that content is accurate and current are all important when providing online legal information. Referral services and effective communication channels will enable... read more

Author: ALIS
Published on: 04-11-13

ALIS recently participated in the annual PLEAC Conference in Vancouver, British Columbia on Thursday, October 10, 2013.  PLEAC is the Public Legal Education Association of Canada and is the nation-wide “non-profit organization of individuals and organizations established to promote all aspects of public legal education”.

The Executive Director of the Ontario Justice Education Network, Ms. Sarah McCoubrey delivered the keynote address on the theme Legal Education for Everyone. Ms. McCoubrey referred to the recently released Access to Civil and Family Justice Report. She believes that the recommendations in the report provide an opportunity for public legal education and information (PLEI) providers to influence a shift in legal culture and the public’s understanding of the justice... read more