Family law content is now completed on LegalAve

We believe all Albertans should have access to the information they need to help them address their legal matters. That is our vision at the Alberta Legal Information Society.

We embarked on a journey in 2014 to build a website that connects Albertans to reliable legal resources. We developed www.LegalAve.ca. We focused the content on family law, an area of law Albertans need information and education on the most.

Today, LegalAve has resources and in-depth legal information on different family law topics, such as marriage and other romantic relationships, guardianship and parenting, child protection, preparing for death or illness, spousal support, property division, family violence, alternatives to going to court, and how to navigate the legal system. LegalAve is intended to help Albertans understand their specific legal matter, the laws and legal processes around that topic, and how they can take action to address their concern.

Completing the family law content was a journey of collaboration, learning, openness, respect, and service. The journey enriched our understanding and experience of the public legal education (PLE) landscape in Alberta.

We are thankful for the support of our funder, our members, and the individuals and organizations that provided advice and assistance in developing family law information. Your support, the growing relationships cultivated, and the opportunity to connect with your communities has contributed to the success of LegalAve.

This year, we will continue to reach out to communities throughout Alberta to increase awareness of LegalAve and improve features of the website.

Contact us if you would like LegalAve posters, brochures, and information cards. We would also be happy to provide you and/your team an online or in-person tutorial on using LegalAve to help your clients. Email us at connect@AlbertaLegalInformationSociety.ca.

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